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The purpose of the Ilse und Helmut Wachter-Stiftung is the furthering of medical science for the welfare of mankind and to raise the reputation of the Innsbruck Medical University. This shall be accomplished by granting a scientific award.


In 1994, Prof. Wachter and his spouse Ilse made a donation in order to support and acknowledge medical sciences for the welfare of mankind, the resulting grant is called „Ilse & Helmut Wachter Award“. Awarding Prof. Avram Hershko and Prof. Aaron Ciechanover in 1999 (Nobel Prize Laureates in Chemistry 2004) reflects the outstanding quality of nominees and the excellent prestige of this very attractive award.

Dr. Ilse Wachter

Dr. Ilse Wacher, née Nagele, was born in Innsbruck in 1925. She finished lower and upper secondary academic education in Innsbruck. During her last years of high school, she was obliged to participate in the war duties. After graduating from high school, she was assigned to work in the Air Force arms cache in Munich and as a guard assistant in Munich and Innsbruck. At the same time, in the summer of 1943, she began to study medicine at the Leopold Franzen’s University in Innsbruck. She graduated in 1950 as a doctor of general medicine (Dr. med. univ.). After that, she worked as a trainee and rotationdoctor in the Hospital Hall, as well as in the Innsbruck University Clinics. In 1954, she began her specialization in pediatrics and was integrated into the buildup of the Pediatrics University Hospital in Innsbruck. In 1956, she got married to Prof. Dr. Helmut Wachter. After earning the title of medical specialist in pediatrics in 1958, she opened her private practice in 1959 and managed it until 1986. In recognition of her work as physician the Paracelsus Medal was lent her in 1986.

em.O.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Helmut Wachter (†)

University Professor Dr. DDr. h.c. Helmut Wachter was born in Landeck in 1929, as forth of six children. After finishing elementary and secondary education, in 1949 he began to study Pharmacy at the Leopold Franzens University in Innsbruck. He finished his studies in 1954 and earned the title Magister of Pharmacy. During the following two years, he worked on his PhD thesis at the Institute for Pharmaceutical Chemistry (head: Prof. Dr. Maria Kuhnert). He finished it in 1956 earning the title Doctor of Philosophy. The same year he married Dr. Ilse Nagele. From 1957 until 1960, he studied medicine. In 1958, he began working as university assistant at the Institute for Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Medical Faculty at the Innsbruck University where he remained until the retirement in 1997.


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