medizinische universitaet innsbruck

2018: Matthias W. Hentze
for his pioneering research of RNA biology

2016: Johannes C. Clevers
for his pioneering work in stem cell - and cancer research

2014: Alexander Levitzki
for his work on the discovery of signal transduction therapy

2012: Jean-Laurent Casanova
for his work on the genetics of childhood infectious diseases

2010: William A. Catterall
for his pioneering work in calcium channel research

2007: Irving L. Weissman
for his outraging achievements in stem cell research

2005: Cynthia J. Kenyon
for the Discovery of mechanisms regulating the aging process in C. elegans

2003: Wolfgang P. Baumeister
for the Elucidation of the structure and mechanism of the proteasome

2001: Hanns Möhler
for the Elucidation of the effects of Benzodiazepines on brain function

1999: Avram Hershko & Aaron Ciechanover
for the Detection and Elucidation of the Ubiquitin-System

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